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Anonymous asked: Can you tell me more about Carolina and Neymar's relationship? Is it true that Neymar and Carolina have a troubled past? I heard there was something about her demanding alimentation in the beginning and that they didn't get along but they decided to put their differences aside because of Davi. Do you know more about this, perhaps. Because I find it weird that so many fans 'ship' (I hate the term but) them, whilst many report that they had issues.

Ok, so let’s sum this up: there are people who choose to ship the relationship between two real, live people who we do know are not in a relationship (beyond being in amicable terms and taking care of their kid together  - which is good! but I fail to see why one would ship that……). And you would like to make sense of the reason why they choose to ship something that does not exist to begin with? :)

I don’t know what you mean by “troubled past” beyond the obvious (i.e. all the press when it was known that Neymar was about to be a father at 19 when not in a serious relationship with the mother, let alone married!). And I’m not sure what you want me to tell you about them. Of course, there are many (contradicting) rumors flying around. But there are rumors flying about every single aspect of Neymar’s life and I am one of those boring people who is not really interested and willing to spend time trying to untangle what rumors could possibly be true from what isn’t (if that is at all possible, which I doubt). So I am not sure I can help you with that…….

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Anonymous asked: is rafaella studying at a university in the UK now full time? or is she just taking a few classes?

I haven’t got any idea to be honest. The only thing I’ve heard is that she’s studying at UAL (University of the Arts).

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OFFICIAL List of the Brazil NT players for the next two games against Columbia (September 5) and Ecuador (September 9)


Jefferson - Botafogo

Rafael Cabral - Napoli

Central defenders

David Luiz - PSG

Marquinhos - PSG

Gil - Corinthians

Miranda - Atlético de Madrid

Full backs

Maicon - Roma

Filipe Luis - Chelsea

Alex Sandro - Porto

Danilo - Porto


Luiz Gustavo - Wolfsburg

Elias - Corinthians

Fernandinho - Manchester City

Ramires - Chelsea

Attacking midfielders and forwards

Everton Ribeiro - Cruzeiro

Oscar - Chelsea

Hulk - Zenit

Ricardo Goulart - Cruzeiro

Willian - Chelsea

Neymar - Barcelona

Philipe Coutinho - Liverpool

Diego Tardelli - Atlético Mineiro


Filed under neymar Brazil NT wow lots of upsets here some good surprises though been crying for Coutinho Miranda and Filipe Luis so at least he's got that right

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Anonymous asked: Isn't his current weight the reason why he's so easy to take down? And makes him very prone to injuries. That worries me quite a bit, lack of physical strength, makes me think maybe he should get bulkier? Also, your thoughts on his diving' please?

I think the fact he’s relatively easy to take down has got more to do with the following: 1) his style of play and 2) his high centre of gravity - especially compared to someone like Messi

When it comes to his style of play, he’s one of the most provoking players for a defender: on form, Neymar is so fast and has such technical ability that tackling him is usually the only way to stop him. You have also to consider that at times, he’s deliberately provoking his defender(s). That’s part of who he is as a player, that’s him making the best of his abilities, but it will always annoy defenders no end and that means they are more likely to tackle him than they are most other players. And you’ll notice that the more they tackle him, the more he comes back to annoy them some more so he’s going to keep being taken down more than others. And again, his centre of gravity does not help. I don’t see “bulking him up” as a solution though, it has to come naturally

Also, you are talking about his weight making him injury prone, but I’ll have you note that he was virtually injury-free at Santos (at least he was never  injured that he couldn’t play for more than a week): and if you believe the myth that defenders there didn’t get physical to try and stop him, think again……So while I think progressively building up his strength will help with his balance and resist attacks better, he will still be taken down more than most because such is the nature of his game

As for the diving issue, I have already written about it elsewhere

Filed under neymar FC Barcelona Santos fc seriously people stop wanting to bulk him up let Barça and the Brazil NT medical teams take care of him and let nature run its course he's getting a little bit more muscle every year which I think is just as well

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Anonymous asked: Where do you get thise photos from

Search engines and social media are your best friends ;)

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Anonymous asked: Do u have a website that is good to watch soccer games? Like the live streams sorry my english isnt good

As I’ve already mentioned elsewhere, I only reply privately to live stream requests, thank you :)

Alternatively, you can ask me via twitter