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According to Catalan paper “Sport”, Neymar will fly tomorrow for Japan for professional reasons and to enjoy the rest of his holidays

And here goes reason number 48796046420746280 why I’m so sad I’m not in Japan right now

Filed under neymar seriously why am I not in Japan rn my life choices suck also I really should be further ahead with my Spanish Portuguese and Japanese studies and with web design so that I can finally work more independently but I've been lazy as usual I blame the World Cup really :p

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So in summation: We need less of our best player [Neymar], and he needs to lay off the hair dye, and he needs to wear Brazil hats. That will change a team that lost 7-1 without him.

Dunga’s second stint with Brazil is going to go just wonderfully.

Ryan Rosenblatt brilliantly summing up the absurdity of Dunga’s statements today in conclusion of his article for SB Nation

Filed under neymar brazil nt I have spent the whole afternoon in various degrees of annoyance at Dunga's interview tbh if you wonder why read that article there's more to it but it's a good start

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Neymar & Friends

Video posted by @jotace520 via instagram (27.07.2014)

Filed under neymar and friends LOL poor bb and his bad back still the silliest of them all though bless

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Anonymous asked: Don't annoy you, that after the World Cup Neymar has accumulated so many fans, so-called. seasonal?

It’s a good question but the truth is, what would give me the right to be annoyed with it? :) I mean, all of us fans have our own story with Neymar: I know some guys who’ve followed him since his early, junior years at Santos, others who’ve only discovered him once he signed at Barça/ played a blinder at the Confeds Cup and now so many people got to see him at the World Cup. We all had to start somewhere, and this World Cup is as good as any other point to start from imo

I imagine a lot of people who were head-over-heels with him this summer will see their interest fade with the more mundaine daily grind of the Liga and club football, but I’m pretty sure some of them are in it for the long haul and that can only be a good thing (even if that means there are questions like “Who is Rafaella” or, my favorite “Is Neymar still a virgin”, popping up again with every major event he takes part to :p)

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Anonymous asked: Hey, since you're a long-time football follower, do you happen to know how teams communicate? For example, I was wondering, if an English player who doesn't speak Spanish comes to a Spanish club, how does he communicate with his teammates (since many don't speak English)? In what language do coaches talk to the team (or individual players), are they required to give instructions in the language of the team? What about Barcelona, since it's a Catalan club? Any behind-the-scnees info? :)

I’m sorry to disappoint but I don’t really have info about that. As in other similar situations in life, you kind of make do. In certain cases, there are other people (teammates or members of the staff) who will act as interpreters: typically that’s the case with the Japan National Team (and I’m sure a few others, but I know that team better), with one member or staff or someone hired as interpreter will do that job as the coach is usually foreign and doesn’t speak Japanese, while not all players can speak English or another foreign language

Don’t forget also that a player doesn’t have to master the language: in the case of Spain, even if not all Spanish players are fluent, most of them will know some basics and it’s not too difficult to get the basics in Spanish either for an English-speaking person, especially once you are in Spain and are basically surrounded by the language most of the time ;)

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Anonymous asked: Pleaaaase explain to me why neymar and carolina broke up. And do you ship them togetheeer??

Ok, first of all I don’t ship anybody with anybody :) I just wish people happiness in general, but who they find happiness with is none of my business really

From what we were told Carolina and Neymar were never really together to begin with so they never really broke up either but they had known each other for a while before she got pregnant (and she’s said to still be a friend of the family - I mean Rafaella took pictures with her two days ago and she went to Ganso’s wedding last year). Carolina has always been very positive about Neymar and his role as a father when interviewed and she’s offered a touching testimony about that on tv a couple of years ago.They do remain good friends to this day

Filed under neymar carolina dantas neymar 101 putting it in that category since I get a lot of questions about it :p

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Globo reports Neymar could already play in the Gamper Trophy game between FC Barcelona and Leon FC on August 18, 2014

PS: it’s another tentative info as I don’t know what was Globo’s source and “best scenario” case: basically take it as an indication Neymar’s recovery is going really well, but we’ll have much stronger info once he is back in Barcelona with the team as he’ll have his medical on August 5 then

Filed under neymar FC Barcelona oh well we'll see I'm just happy things are going as well as they could for him under the circumstances apparently :)