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Neymar trained normally with the group. The rumors going around about his limping off the pitch prove to be a false alarm.


Uh, how the fuck did these rumors start in the first people?!?! Heads are gonna roll.

It was Sport (the Catalan sports newspaper) who wrote about him limping off the pitch and going through the mixed zone after the game looking somber than usual. Tbf to them, both really did happen but yeah, they could have waited until getting official information before starting alarm bells ringing, thankyouverymuch

Btw it was them also who wrote that Neymar had been fined by Lucho for signing an autograph while warming up for the Villarreal game - which Luis Enrique has since denied

(Source: neymarchrist)

Filed under neymar FC Barcelona both Mundo Deportivo and Sport are bad but Sport is just that little bit worse unreliable at best urgh tbf that's not to say that the whole paper is bad there are some very good articles too sometimes :p

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Dunga dropped Thiago as captain cuz he was too emotional??
The whole fricking squad was crying even Neymar. That is just BS.

Er, I really don’t want to defend Dunga And he did express his disapproval of Thiago Silva’s behavior at the end of the Brazil - Chile game but:

 - Thiago Silva’s injury did a pretty good job of keeping him out of the team,  and it’s not easy to be captain when you’re simply not there……

 - I refuse to blame ANY of the Brazilian players for their emotions during WC because the pressure they were under is probably unlike anything any other athlete has been under recently and I don’t think many of us can even start to imagine what it must have been like. But the issue with what Thiago Silva did, and the reason why a lot of pundits blamed him, is not so much that he got emotional, but rather that he crumbled emotionally BEFORE the penalties were taken and he was so shaken that he could not take a penalty, or even actively support his teammates, and as a captain, that is a problem. Whether we like it or not, by being captain, he does have more responsibility and his behavior will be more under scrutiny than the others

Do I think that he should lose the captaincy over that one event (where, again, the circumstances were VERY special)? Absolutely not, unless the players have lost confidence in him, which does not seem to be the case. But I think we must wait until Thiago Silva is healthy again and is a candidate to be called for the national team, then see what happens. I know Dunga’s criticized him a lot during the WC but he’s also launched a pretty ugly attack on Neymar first thing after being nominated then essentially promoted him so what he says and what he does might turn out to be quite different

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