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FC Barcelona’s starting XI against Atletic Bilbao, 2014.04.20 (official)

Pinto; Alves, Bartra, Mascherano, Adriano; Xavi, Song, Iniesta; Alexis, Messi, Pedro

On the bench: Oier, Montoya, Sergi Gomez, Cesc, Sergi Roberto, Tello and Afellay

Reminder: Neymar and Alba are out due to injury, Busquets is suspended for having received 5 yellow cards

PS: it is expected that at the 10th minute of the game, chants in support of Messi will be heard, and then napkins will be waved as a sign of distrust towards the board

Filed under neymar FC Barcelona and here we go again Ney not playing for four weeks I am bored already at least last time Barça played well during that stretch for the most part let's hope the same happens again after those horrible last few days the team could really do with a win a convincing win would be even better fc barcelona vs atletic bilbao

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Neymar Jr, four weeks out of action | FC Barcelona

Filed under neymar FC Barcelona because that was the only thing that could have been worse short of him injuring himself out of WC seriously though what is even this season and how do they do it in Barcelona I mean Ney was never really injured at Santos despite playing all the games and not resting between NT and club games but here he picks up TWO injuries in one season?????? part of me actually hopes he's not really injured but he's rested for WC that wouldn't be fair but it would be less depressing oh yeah and Alba is injured again too I can't even cry anymore it's reached that point seriously sorry for tag essay well not really :p

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Anonymous asked: I don't think that anyone was going to talk shit about your precious marc, because, like you said, he was good, why should anyone say bad things about him? Don't worry! And Barca has so many far more important things to worry about, no one would come to think of talking shit about Bartra today - he is the least problem we have.


Well don’t be so sure…there has been a lot of shit sead about him today.

Bartra is getting his share of blame on TW and elsewhere alright for not stopping Bale on the second goal (people seem to forget he still lacks experience AND is still getting over an injury, not to mention he scored Barça’s only goal tonight, but anyway)

Actually you can expect a lot fo Barça “fans” will play the “let’s single that one player and put all of it on him”: good candidates so far seems to be Neymar, Messi, Pinto, Alves and Cesc, but I’m sure anyone can come up with their own if they want…..

Things have gone wrong for this team for a while now, and certainly there are many factors in play, and a lot of it has to do with where FC Barcelona is at as an institution. You can single out players’ mistakes all day, but the really problem with Barça right now isn’t there

Filed under others FC Barcelona marc bartra sorry but I'm just generally pissed off and it's not at the team