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Neymar at the Villarreal vs Barcelona match 31/08/14

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Filed under neymar FC Barcelona this is pretty much everything you need to know about his performance last night well that and the fact that he combined with Messi to create the goal and that he single handedly changed the dynamic of the attack but he couldn't make any of his runs clearly not really fit yet poor bb still going to sign authograhs during training that Brazilian swagger :p fc barcelona vs villarreal

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Anonymous asked: been following this blog for a while and I noticed you don't really like cheesy thing but I would like to thank you for being a very accurate and objective Neymar blog. There are a lot of neymar blogs, we all love him equally, I think but it's important to keep the focus mostly on his career. I think I check your blog at least daily and I just wanted to voice my appreciation for it and for your knowledge about him & football, period. Love it & thank you.

Dear Anonymous,

First I apologize for being really, really late replying to this! But as I said in an earlier post, I’ve been busy working and studying and that has left me with very little time to do anything else :s

I probably do not deserve any of the nice things you wrote ;) Because let’s be honest, I absolutely LOVE IT when people are kind enough to take the time to write to me and tell me they like my blog: I mean, it’s not as if I could be motivated by money or fame ;) I do this because I really love Neymar (as a footballer mostly :p) but it’s messages like yours, as well as interactions with fellow fans, that make it all worthwhile <3

As for focusing mostly on his career: I guess this blog is like me and reflects who I am - for better or worse! There’s just something about looking into famous people’s personal life that doesn’t sit well with me. I mean, I don’t buy people magazines (let alone tabloids) - I don’t even read them in the waiting room at the dentist’s :p I’m not making a moral statement, I’m not saying it is “wrong” to be interested in his love life or anything, just that it’s not for me and that it reflects directly on this blog ;)

And yeah, I’ve loved football before he even joined Santos all these years ago so I guess it reflects that too :p

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Anonymous asked: Did Neymar get a new tattoo that says "Love" or did he already have that?

To my knowledge it’s new - he actually got a few new ones very recently!

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Anonymous asked: hey!^^i am a greek fan of neymar and i would like to make a question about something that consern me a few days...i will appriciate it if you answer my question:)so i would like to know if bruna and neymar are still together or not . ;) i am soooooo sorry for my unacceptable english...!

Your English is perfectly understandable so no worries there ^-^ (and I’m not a native speaker either so if your English is unacceptable, so is mine!)

Bruna gave an interview a few days ago in which she said they are not together anymore so it seems their relationship is truly over this time…..

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Anonymous asked: Are you ever going to come in Cyprus

I have no immediate plans to go to Cyprus although I’d love to go there one day. I guess what you really want to know though is if Neymar is going to go to Cyprus one day but that’s something you’d have to ask him really (like I said before, my crystal ball got lost during World Cup, can’t read his thoughts, or the future, nearly as well as I used to!)

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Anonymous asked: Hello, apparently lucho is angry at neymar's behavior, do you know why? I don't see anything wrong in his behavior? Maybe because he posts a lot on instagram but I see no harm in that, really? thank you

I haven’t heard any new rumors about that recently (but I’ve been working and studying a lot of late so I may have missed something). What I had heard was that Lucho wasn’t happy about Neymar’s “heavy” partying in Ibiza just before returning to Barcelona (when he got there the second time after coming back from Japan)