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Anonymous asked: the brazilian national team has two friendlies scheduled in the US in september - how would we know if neymar is going to play at them?

First we have to wait until the Brazil NT coach calls the players (I’m guessing around the middle of August) to know whether he makes it - they could leave him out of those games if the coach and the Brazilian federation consider he has no chance being fit in time or if they’d just rather let him rest (unlikely to happen knowing how those Brazilian friendlies are organized but you never know…..)

Then if he’s called we’ll probably only know at the last minute whether he goes or not: we’ll probably start having an idea depending on when he starts training in Barcelona and how that goes. So basically, we can only wait and see - I’ll post the updates here anyway ;)

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Anonymous asked: Do you know when fcbarcelona matchs begin??

FC Barcelona’s pre-season starts on Saturday (and I’ll post the pre-season schedule I guess to make it easier for everyone - remember however that Neymar is unlikely to play any pre-season game).

The new La Liga season starts on August 23 but the schedule isn’t known yet: it will be announced on July 24.I’ll report once we have Barça’s full schedule ;)

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Anonymous asked: do you think barca will vs LA Galaxy ?!

If you’re asking if Barça will play against LA Galaxy any time soon, at least it’s not planned as far as I know

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Anonymous asked: why do u like neymar so much ? and is he that humble or he just act that kind in press because of PR and stuff.

I love his football, that is the thing. I’ve been watching this sport since earlier than some of my followers have been born and to me his football has a unique style and signature. When on form, there’s a musicality and almost an artistry to the way he plays that touch me - which may have to do with my relationship to music and dance in general :) And then he happens to be a silly dork and I do have a soft spot for silly dorks in sports I mean, I love figure skating in general and Team Japan in particular for a reason

I do not know what you expect me to say about your other query though: again, I do not know him personally. There is no denying that he’s been well prepared to face the media and the control on his image by the people who work around him is important. Also, it is my belief that a common trait of sportspeople at the highest level is an awareness of their exceptional quality in what they do.

However, no matter how tight the control is, you can never control everything and especially not the way players behave on a pitch: he’s had his teenager crisis in the middle of 2010, and he does have some swagger and he certainly has an ego - again, I think it’s a necessity to get at this level - but I can’t say I have seen much to contradict the fact that he is a fairly humble guy

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Anonymous asked: What does "é tois" mean?

If I’m not mistaking (anyone more fluent than me in Brazilian Portuguese is welcome to correct me if I’m wrong!) “é tois” is actually a variation of the colloquial expression “é nois”: literally I guess you could translate it as “it is us”. It’s a reference one makes to one’s group of friends, but it’s come to be used between friends to mean several things, including as a way to say “yes”

"E tois" actually came up between Neymar and his friend Thiaguinho who explained as much on tv. Both of them then started to pose with the T gesture, Thiaguinho on pictures and Neymar when he was scoring goals, and it became known that way

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Anonymous asked: So FC Barcelona preseason game is on July 19th so Neymar won't be playing in the friendly match right? Thanks I love your blog so so so much

As I was saying yesterday, Neymar is on holiday AND recovering from his injury. Don’t expect to see him play before September: that means Neymar should miss the entire pre-season and the start of La Liga in late August

Yes, he should recover by mid August, but then he’ll have to work his way back to fitness. With that kind of injury, you should add about a month, although knowing the Brazilian Federation, there’s a chance they’ll make him appear in the friendlies in early September against Colombia and Ecuador

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